Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack, Small, 16 x 9 x 11.5-Inch, Navy Blue

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack, Small, 16 x 9 x 11.5-Inch, Navy Blue

  • -6-IN-1 STURDY PET CARRIER: -BACKPACK PET CARRIER -FRONT PACK PET CARRIER -CAR SEAT CRATE -SHOULDER BAG PET CARRIER -2 POSITION CARRIER -SOFT-SIDED PET CARRIER BAG. Choose to carry your pet comfortably & easy on your back OR on your front with the top door open so you pet can follow where you go OR with the handles OR change to shoulder carrier in a snap -all straps are removable! The carrier that will never collapse on your pet however you lift or carry it!
  • -AIRLINE APPROVED -MORE SPACIOUS & HIGHER THAN MOST CARRIERS -CHEST STRAPS -SUPER STURDY. Extremely flexible and prepared to fit under almost any airline seats in a snap. Fulfil all airlines rules that your pet must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. Patented flexible frames keeps the carrier completely unfolded and protects your pet from getting crushed when lifting it with the handles, onto your back, front or shoulder.
  • -HIGH QUALITY DURABLE FABRIC -HIGH VENTILATION -WOODEN NON-BENDABLE STURDY FLOOR -ZIPPER SECURITY LOCKS -HAND WASHABLE FLEECE BED -SEATBELT LOOPS -EASY STORAGE -600 Denier Oxford water resistant fabric with reinforced zippers & locks. 4 High quality meshes to secure maximum air ventilation for your pet. The security locks prevent your pet from pushing the zippers open. Secure the carrier in the car with the seatbelt loops. Fold to about 2 inch for easy storage.
  • -PHOTO ID TAG -INSIDE LEASH -REFLECTIVE SECURITY STRAPS -WALK THROUGH DOORS -TWO POCKETS. Photo ID to both owner and pet for easy recognition during your travels. Secure your pet with the inside leash so it does not escape when the doors are open. Reflective straps for night travel, hiking, offloading from a car, cab, bus etc. Walk-Through-Doors: No need to push your pet in or pull it out backwards -Simply let your pet walk in and walk out. Excellent as your pets home away from home on vacations
  • ******** VERY IMPORTANT ******* Before you order, please measure your pet for the right size carrier: MEASURE YOUR PET FROM THE FLOOR TO THE NAPE OF THE NECK (where the collar falls) AND NECK TO THE BASE OF THE TAIL -PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE THE TAIL! Ideal as Dog Carrier for medium dogs & small dogs, Cat Carrier for medium cats & small cats, Dog carrier in car, Pet carrier for dogs, cats, rabbits, Small animal carrier bag, Cat carrier for airplane travel, Dog Soft-Sided Carrier, Pet travel Carrier

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HIGH QUALITY High Quality Stylish 600 Denier Oxford fabric Strong Nylon stitching’s Reinforced zippers Thick mesh Airline Approved to easily fit under airplane seats Super Sturdy Patented Flexible Frames Seat belt loops Inside leash Security zipper locks 4 high ventilation meshes Walk through doors ID photo tag Reflective stripesFoldable f
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