Dog Pet Backpack – Back or Front Chest Carrier – Pink/Medium

Dog Pet Backpack – Back or Front Chest Carrier – Pink/Medium

  • PINK OR BLUE IN SMALL PACK (13.7″x 11.8″x 5.5″) or MEDIUM PACKS (15.7″x 11.8″x 6.7″). Transport 5 lb to 8.5 lb large pets depending on size / height
  • CARRIERS WEARABLE ON FRONT OR BACK: depending on the preference of pet & owner. Good for Small Dog or Puppy like Mini Teacup, Schnauzer, Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terrier, and (well tempered) Cats.
  • ZIPPERED POUCH & ADJUSTABLE DRAWSTRING HEAD HOLE: easy to fit in. Safety Clip attaches to collar & prevents escape
  • STRONG, VENTALATED, BREATHABLE SANDWICH MESH: high quality storage pockets for food or supplies. No pungent smell
  • ★ GREAT MOTHERS DAY GIFT ★ Get 10% off when you purchase 2 or more. ★ Code: M10thers ★ FREE Collapsilbe Pet Bowl included!

THE BEST HARNESS PET CARRIER BACKPACK • Our bags are great for bringing your fur baby on the go because they are easy to carry but safe for pets even with a open face design. Perfect for pets that fear crowds, don’t like crates, or get anxious being far from you. Great for walks or hiking when your pet tires or places pets are not allowed. This doggie holder is padded but we recommend a blanket or pee pad if dog’s paws are not pressing the bottom.
• This gear keeps animals head out an
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